Addicted To Love - Until The Ribbon Breaks Re-Imagination

Robert Palmer - Addicted to Love Re-imagination 

Robin Williams

"What did he have to be depressed about?"

Again I feel so saddened, angry and frustrated to see this kind of utter lack of empathy. This time in regards to the tragic death of an incredible man. 

Rest in peace of mind Robin Williams. 

Depression or any other kind of mental disorder has absolutely nothing to ‘success’ of any kind. It does not favour a colour, class, race, gender or religion. Mental illness should be treated the same as any other affliction: with care and compassion.The dividing lines between sanity and mental illness have been drawn too thick and too far apart. The brain is delicate, as easy to break as an ankle. For all of the positives that will arise, It is also a huge shame that it will take the death of such a beloved (and rightly so) celebrity, to bring mental illness to the forefront of media focus. 

P x

Take care of one another