We loved it, so much fun

Do you have a guilty pleasure pop song/artist that you secretly (slash not so secretly) love?

Phil Collins everytime

The song that led me to you was 2025. I can't express in words how much I love the song and video but was wondering about the intro... Did you make the intro or is it a sample? It's quite amazing, "I was born with my back to the stars... tell me elder, I'd like to see.." Much Love from Chicago. Come here or I will book you to come here.

It is my words from Back To The Stars. I recorded a great of mine’s father in law, who has that amazing speaking voice. He just spoke it over the intro

Hi! I'm sorry if this comes off as dumb of ignorant but who are you? All of your recent asks imply that you're famous sorry this is probably really dumb but I'm just wondering. Have a nice day :)

I’m Keanu Reeves

Not always, but I did recently have a waking dream. I have always wanted one. I was in a rollercoaster and could control where it went. Amazing. I used to have a recirinng dream that I cannot go into on here.

I love this so much. If I could make a ribbon for you, I would. I am useless at anything like that, my ma used to say that someone would be able to see her sewing from space. I think I share those genes

Pretty please, just take that year off and write that novel. I would die to read it, your words are so healing. Thank you.

I promise that I will one day. It is on my bucket list

Hi, first : your music is awesome and all you remix as well .. greetings from France. One question: what is your music set up? (hope i said it right..) Keep up your perfect work. Peace

I use a piano, a drum machine and a film projector. Peace to you

The one thing I learned, which has been my most important lesson of all, is that never compromise on your art, ever. How can you expect people to connect with something that you don’t connect with yourself. Be proud of what you do or don’t do it. Also I learnt…… you don’t have to say music industry bullshit, you could just say bullshit twice

I do not know of them, I will look it/them/him/her up


If I ever hear myself complain about doing what I do, the ribbon will break and I will have a very strong word with myself. It is a joy and I am grateful for it eeryday

I would love to work with Kendrick Lamar. Best out there at the moment for me

I've been a fan of your music ever since Marina and the Diamonds spoke about you in an interview in late 2012. Props for making some of the most amazing, current-sounding, cutting-edge pop music out right now. Greetings from Argentina.

Wow, Argentina! We would love to come to South America. A part of the world I am yet to explore and thankyou

I promise

How would you describe your experience touring with Lorde? Was she a fan of your music? How did you connect with her?

It was amazing, truly. To see how quickly it all changed for her. I’m not sure if she is a fan. She was lovely and humble and super smart